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Sun, Nov 26, 2017
Duration:26 mins 49 secs
Why can the believer rejoice in the hope of the glory of God in the midst of suffering? Suffering gives opportunity to prove the reality of the hope we find in Christ The believer's hope is unshakeable since it is founded upon the deep love of God which is demonstrated in Christ's death. The believer's hope is assured by the work of Christ for us.
Walking through Acts
Sun, Jun 18, 2017
Duration:31 mins 25 secs
1. The believer is running a race worth finishing. 2. It is Christ who calls him to suffer. 3. The task to which he is called is a glorious one.
Songs of the kingdom
Sun, Feb 21, 2016
Duration:29 mins 22 secs
Jesus quoted this Psalm in his dying breath on the cross. What was he telling us?
Easter 2015
Sun, Apr 05, 2015
Duration:41 mins 10 secs
Do our lives display the incredible reality of the resurrection of Jesus? Here we explore what it looks like to live as if it’s true.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Mar 08, 2015
Duration:43 mins 44 secs
To turn a wilderness into a paradise takes two steps. First, remove the rubbish. Second, plant it up. Here we see that God’s plan for paradise requires the same steps. It begins with a day of judgment.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Nov 02, 2014
Duration:46 mins 19 secs
In this letter Jesus speaks to a church being squeezed to give up their faith. His encouragements are invaluable to us all.
True Gospel Living
Sun, Jul 06, 2014
Duration:41 mins 1 sec
Are you looking at life int he right way? Here we see the importance of being informed by the Bible in all things.
One offs
Sun, Feb 23, 2014
Duration:22 mins 28 secs
Learning from Paul and how to dealing with our suffering in what ever situation we find ourselves in !!
All Age Services
Sun, May 19, 2013
Duration:25 mins 13 secs
In these chapters Isaiah paints an amazing portrait of Jesus. Here we examine three layers that he puts on the canvas.
God and suffering
Wed, Jul 04, 2012
Duration:43 mins 47 secs
We live in a world filled with suffering, but why is it there? The Bible gives us many answers to this all important question.
God and suffering
Wed, Jun 20, 2012
Here we lay the bedrock for understanding the Bible's teaching on suffering. God is on the throne no matter what happens.
Easter 2012
Fri, Apr 06, 2012
Duration:35 mins 42 secs
It's not pity that the Lord Jesus wants, but brokenness. Look at the cross, how should it affect us?
"Christ in you, the hope of glory." Colossians 1:27