Seated on the throne

Seated on the throne
Jul 2014 - Nov 2015

The book of Revelation is a message from God that will benefit people of every generation. It is not just a book about a time to come, although it certainly makes us look forward, it is a book about Jesus and God's sovereign plan that is being worked out day by day.

In this series we look to God seated on the throne of the universe and hear his voice today as he shows us more of Christ, the King of Kings.

Sermons in this series

Seated on the throne
Sun, Nov 01, 2015
Duration:31 mins 28 secs
How good are we at waiting? The end of Revelation reminds us that we are waiting for Jesus to come again. But, how do we wait well?
Seated on the throne
Sun, Oct 11, 2015
Duration:37 mins 51 secs
What is God’s end game? Where is everything heading? Here we look at the fullest and grandest picture of eternity with Jesus that we have in the Bible. An eternity that is offered and real for every believer in Jesus Christ.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Sep 20, 2015
Duration:29 mins 15 secs
Jesus will win! A message of encouragement, but also one with that has some serious warning.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Sep 06, 2015
Duration:39 mins 48 secs
Heaven is bursting with the cry of Hallelujah! What has got them so excited?
Seated on the throne
Sun, Aug 02, 2015
Duration:36 mins 42 secs
Looking at the two cities for our eternal destiny. Will it be Babylon with the world or New Jerusalem for those who walk with God.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Jul 12, 2015
Duration:34 mins 33 secs
Life is one big T junction. We face a choice: God’s way or the other way? Why shouldn’t we choose the ‘other way’?
Seated on the throne
Sun, Jul 05, 2015
Duration:42 mins 55 secs
There seems no end to the bad news stories around the world. Will it ever end? The Bible’s answer is yes. One day God will say enough. What can we learn about that day?
Seated on the throne
Sun, Jun 14, 2015
Duration:30 mins 34 secs
There are lots on things going on in our lives. Lots of responsibilities, choices and desires. Yet, at the end of day there is only one thing that ultimately counts!
Seated on the throne
Sun, May 10, 2015
Duration:37 mins 34 secs
The Christian is involved in a battle with a serious and dangerous enemy. What we learn here will both challenge and encourage us.
Seated on the throne
Sun, May 03, 2015
Duration:36 mins 8 secs
Living lives that point people to Jesus and taking opportunities to speak about Jesus is often tough. What encouragements can we take from this passage as we seek to be obedient to the call of Jesus?
Seated on the throne
Sun, Apr 26, 2015
Duration:39 mins 57 secs
What is the advice when a storm is looming? 'Stay at home until it’s over’. Yet, God tells us exactly the opposite as the church in a stormy world.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Apr 19, 2015
Duration:41 mins 10 secs
Have you ever asked the question: Is God still there? Or another one: Does God still care? Sometimes circumstances point to the answer ‘no’, but here we are reminded that even then we are surrounded by evidence of a sovereign God who loves and cares for his people.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
Duration:35 mins 53 secs
What will we say when we enter eternity with Jesus? ‘I’m just happy to be alive’ or something a little bit more?
Seated on the throne
Sun, Mar 08, 2015
Duration:43 mins 44 secs
To turn a wilderness into a paradise takes two steps. First, remove the rubbish. Second, plant it up. Here we see that God’s plan for paradise requires the same steps. It begins with a day of judgment.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Mar 01, 2015
Duration:38 mins 30 secs
As John is given a vision of heaven he is shown two great truths that can anchor us through the storms of living in a fallen world. The first, God is on the throne and the second, Jesus has triumphed over evil through his birth, life, death, resurrection and ascension. This changes everything!
Seated on the throne
Sun, Feb 08, 2015
Duration:38 mins 12 secs
What hope can we have in a world that is riddled with pain and full of struggle and frustration? The answer: God is on the throne!
Seated on the throne
Sun, Feb 01, 2015
Duration:37 mins 6 secs
One of the greatest temptations we face as a church is to become complacent. We have so much that it is easy to lose our sense of need for Jesus. Here we ask what we need if we are to avoid going down the road of complacency.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Jan 25, 2015
Duration:32 mins 17 secs
Have you ever felt like getting off the ride of following Jesus? Here are some encouragements that Jesus gives that will help us keep going to the end.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Dec 14, 2014
Duration:37 mins 41 secs
A church can die without anyone realising! That’s a little scary. How can we cheat death and keep the embers of faith burning at the heart of the church?
"Christ in you, the hope of glory." Colossians 1:27