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Sun, Jan 14, 2018
Duration:38 mins 17 secs
The question of "What should you want us to do?" The answer is always the same, "repent and be baptised"
One offs
Sun, Sep 11, 2016
Duration:43 mins 55 secs
The day after seeing Jesus feed thousands of people some of the crowd questioned Jesus. As he answered their questions he also explained God's eternal plan of salvation.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Oct 11, 2015
Duration:37 mins 51 secs
What is God’s end game? Where is everything heading? Here we look at the fullest and grandest picture of eternity with Jesus that we have in the Bible. An eternity that is offered and real for every believer in Jesus Christ.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Jul 05, 2015
Duration:42 mins 55 secs
There seems no end to the bad news stories around the world. Will it ever end? The Bible’s answer is yes. One day God will say enough. What can we learn about that day?
True Gospel Living
Sun, May 17, 2015
Duration:43 mins 47 secs
Resurrection from the dead. What does that look like? What does it mean? What hope is that for the follower of Jesus? Just some of the questions we look to answer here.
Seated on the throne
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
Duration:35 mins 53 secs
What will we say when we enter eternity with Jesus? ‘I’m just happy to be alive’ or something a little bit more?
Seated on the throne
Sun, Jan 25, 2015
Duration:32 mins 17 secs
Have you ever felt like getting off the ride of following Jesus? Here are some encouragements that Jesus gives that will help us keep going to the end.
Seeing Jesus
Sun, Jul 14, 2013
Duration:38 mins 12 secs
We are all prone to a spot of spiritual amnesia. This is why Jesus institutes the Lord's Supper and commands his people to break bread and drink wine together in remembrance of him. Here we look at the truths the communion service teaches us and the cure that God has given.
One offs
Sun, Feb 10, 2013
Duration:32 mins 45 secs
Looking at Solomon and keeping the right perspective is difficult. What legacy will we leave ? Will it be earthly or eternal ?
Seeing Jesus
Sun, Sep 09, 2012
Duration:37 mins 48 secs
In the Bible God offers us something that blows our best daydreams out of water. What is it and what can we learn about it?
6 steps to a healthy church
Sun, Mar 04, 2012
Duration:43 mins 10 secs
An athlete must focus on the games to win the prize. The same lesson can be applied to the Christian life. Avoid distractions to take hold of the prize!
When Jesus comes
Sun, Dec 11, 2011
Duration:34 mins 49 secs
The phoenix is a mythological creature that that dies in a flurry of flames, reduced to ashes. However, from the ashes comes a new, reborn young phoenix. As we look towards the coming of Jesus, what does the Bible teach will come out of hte ashes of God's judgment?
"Christ in you, the hope of glory." Colossians 1:27