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Sun, Jan 21, 2018
Duration:34 mins 40 secs
Absolutely not !! The Christian is now dead to sin and should live accordingly.
Walking through Acts
Sun, May 21, 2017
Duration:33 mins 31 secs
Having an accurate knowledge about Jesus; following other christians and performing religious ritual do not save. Being born again by the Holy Spirit through repentance & faith in Jesus Christ is the only means by which we receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life.
One offs
Sun, Aug 28, 2016
Duration:35 mins 42 secs
Have you been given fullness in Christ ? Complete Salvation, forgiveness and victory !
Songs of the kingdom
Sun, Jul 05, 2015
Duration:44 mins 38 secs
What is it you put your hope in? Here we are reminded that there is no better hope than God himself. What does this look like? Why should we hope in God? How can we grow in our hope in God?
The Real Gospel
Sun, Jul 21, 2013
Duration:28 mins 32 secs
What is a Christian? Every now and then in the Bible we come across a verse that clearly defines what a Christian is. That is the case here. Is this how you would answer?
One offs
Sun, Apr 14, 2013
Duration:41 mins 37 secs
We often think we are a people looking for Jesus...but wouldn't it be a revelation to learn that Jesus in His grace first sought us out long before ?
All Age Services
Sun, Feb 17, 2013
Becoming a Christian is the most amazing thing that can ever happen to you. Here are some of the reasons why
Seeing Jesus
Sun, May 27, 2012
Duration:39 mins 42 secs
In this challenge to the Pharisees Jesus gives us great insight into what it means to live as a Christian.
Church anniversary 2011
Sat, Oct 29, 2011
Duration:48 mins 34 secs
The message of Jesus is the message we love. Here Stuart points out six valuable truths about this message.
Joy unspeakable
Sun, Oct 09, 2011
Duration:42 mins 48 secs
Christian living in action. Teaching that is displayed. It's so helpful to see what Paul has been telling us in the previous verses.
Joy unspeakable
Sun, Oct 02, 2011
Duration:47 mins 43 secs
Becoming a Christian should bring a changed life. Repenting of our sin and committing to Jesus should be accompanied by the mark of obedience. Here we look at the character of that obedience.
"Christ in you, the hope of glory." Colossians 1:27