Before I knew Jesus I was empty with no interest in life. I had no belief, no sense of belonging, no love, just guilt and regret. Illness and divorce had taken their toll. I felt like death might have been a blessing.

Then a light shone on my life. First, though the christening of my grandchildren and then as I began to attend church, I realised that Jesus had died for me and I asked for him to come into my life.

Since I did that my life has been very different. I attend church regularly, I sing in the Swansea Male Voice Gospel Choir and meet with friends and relatives with joy and happiness. I have to keep a diary now to organise my busy life. God has been good to me.

The guilt that I had known weighing me down has now been lifted. Because Jesus died on the cross for me, I know that my sins, of which there have been many over 66 years, have been forgiven. I now belong to a loving and caring family, my heart now pumps joy and purpose through my body. From being bed-bound to the active life I lead today, this transformation is due to the love that God has shown me and I have for him.

I now have hope, that when I die I will live with God, in heaven, for ever!

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