We meet at the Mission each Sunday morning and evening. Our services are informal and we aim to be Christ-centred in all our worship.

Preaching and teaching form an important part of our worship services as we seek to know more about God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. We love to sing God’s praise and use a variety of different traditional and contemporary songs.

Our morning services are at 11.00am and on the first Sunday of the month we share communion together. The evening service is at 6.00pm.

During the Sunday morning service we have a creche facility for babies and toddlers, and a Sunday School for children aged between 3-11, with a preparing for church group for 11-14 yr olds.

What expect

Our services include Bible readings and prayers, and we enjoy worship through the singing of hymns and songs. Our pastor, Paul Kosciecha, is usually the main speaker, bringing a message based on the Bible. We try to make our services straightforward and relevant to everyday life.

Sometimes we will have an ‘open time’ of worship where people in the congregation can lead in prayer or share something that God has done in their lives or shown them in the Bible. But don’t be embarrassed, no-one will ask you or make you take part.

The first part of the morning service is enjoyed by children and people of all ages. The children then leave for their own special meetings in Sunday School while those remaining in the main service listen to the Bible message.

Does it matter what I wear? With obvious exceptions no! Dress tends to be smart casual, but there is always a mixture of ties and jeans.

The Gathering

Each month we will be running an All Age Services @ the Mission called the Gathering.

These are services where people of all ages can worship together and find it understandable, spiritually enriching and challenging.

Each service will contain a biblical message brought out in various ways and will culminate in an explanation of a Bible verse or passage. As in all our services, we love to sing God’s praise and use a variety of different traditional and contemporary songs.

The All Age Services will start @ 11am and will finish around 12pm. They will be followed by light refreshments.

To find out when the next service will be visit at our events calendar

Sunday School (age 3-11)

Our Sunday school is for children from the ages of about 4-11. On a normal Sunday the children join the main 11.00am service for the first 20 minutes before going to the Sunday school which ends at 12.30pm.

We try to ensure that the Sunday school is an enjoyable time and also a worthwhile learning experience for all the children. Our aim is to give each child a coherent view of what the Bible teaches us about the Lord Jesus Christ and why this message is important to them.

All of the Sunday school teachers regularly attend the church and have been checked by the criminal records bureau and several are qualified teachers.

Knowing Christ and making him known. Searching for timeless truth that’s relevant today. Connecting with others in authentic ways.

Lonlas Gospel Mission — a place to experience real life.