When we read the account of Jesus’ healing of the demon-possessed man in Mark 5, we are  reminded that whilst we are all called to serve Jesus and to be involved in the building of His kingdom, not all of us will become well known disciples or assume “up the front”  roles. Despite the healed man’s strong desire to go with Him in the boat, Jesus did not let him. Instead, Jesus commanded the man to return to his home town (Decapolis) and to follow him there in obscurity and anonymity (v18-19). This man was not to be a Peter, a Paul or a John. This man was called to go home and to witness to his family. This man was called to be a nameless servant, away from the crowds and out of the limelight.In the same way, not many of us are called to well-known or prominent positions within the church. Not many of us will be known outside of our immediate family or community circles – we have not been called to be a Spurgeon, a Corrie Ten Boom or a Dr Martin Lloyd Jones.But this does not mean that our service in the kingdom is unimportant or has no great significance.In chapter 7, we see that despite the fact that we don’t know the previously demon-possessed man’s name and despite the fact that he wasn’t called to travel around with Jesus and the named 12 disciples; he was used greatly in the kingdom. When Jesus later entered the region of the Decapolis (the man’s home town) we read that people came out to see Jesus, bringing the sick with them (v 32). Why did they do this ? Why did they look to Jesus for hope and the help they needed? Well, surely, it was because this anonymous disciple had gone back to his home town and told his friends and family how much Jesus had done for him – because he had done what Jesus had told him to do (Mark 5: 19-21)!What an encouragement to us, dear friends! What an encouragement for us to serve Jesus by  witnessing to Him and His goodness to us in the ordinary and obscure places in which we may find ourselves. What an encouragement to be reminded that even if we have been called to serve Jesus away from the limelight, our calling is not insignificant in the building of the kingdom and will, according to the Lord’s perfect will and power, bear the fruit He would have it bear. Oh, that we would be encouraged to keep on in the work of His kingdom! Oh, that we would appreciate and be willing to witness and to serve in the places, the circumstances and the ways in which He has called us to witness and to serve. Oh that we would seek His help to go to those amongst whom we have been placed and to whom we have been sent; and “tell them how much the Lord has done for [us], and how He has had mercy on [us]” (v19). Oh, that we would be willing to play our part in the building of His kingdom, even when it means that no-one, apart from the Lord, knows our name!
Notices and points for prayerThank you to all those who have contacted Dawn to inform her of your intention to attend the church services from Easter onwards. I would remind you that you will only be able to attend  services at Lonlas if you have informed Dawn of your intention to do so. I would also stress that all those attending will have to follow the usual Covid guidelines. This means you will have to wear a face mask and keep 2 metres away from all other attendees (who are not part of your household). You will need to sit in the seat allocated to you (some will be in the schoolroom) and you should not attend if you have any of the Covid symptoms (high temperature, loss of smell or taste, a new and persistent dry cough). A register of all attendees will be kept. There will be a “one way system” of travel around the building and there will be no singing or congregating together for close social interaction before, during or after the service. We would ask you to avoid using the toilet if at all possible during your visit (to reduce the amount of cleaning required), but if you do need to use these facilities then one toilet (the disabled toilet) will be available for use. Cleansing wipes will be available for you to clean all the surfaces, with which you have made contact, after use. If you have any further queries about attending these services then please see Dawn. If you are unable to attend these services then we will be uploading them to the website and delivering hard copies to those who are not on line (we will aim to deliver the hard copies of the Good Friday and Easter Sunday Services on the afternoon of Easter Sunday). Please pray that our re-opening of the church building will bring glory and honour to our Saviour and be the help and blessing we desire it to be. Pray especially for Chris Rogers (our speaker) and that all who hear the word  (whether at Lonlas, on line or via CD) will be both challenged and encouraged.Let’s also continue to pray about the local, national and global impact of the Covid pandemic. Many people are still getting sick and many are facing an uncertain economic future as a result  of the virus. Let us pray that the Lord’s people will bear testimony to the goodness of God through it all and that this testimony will be used to lead others to Christ, to the glory of God.Every Blessing in Christ Jesus to you allRichard– 
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